Class Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Set Sequence

This Tuesday Night Class is a set sequence of postures designed to bring strength, flexibility, and endurance to the body.  It is designed to purify the body through the breath and the movement to invoke a stillness of the mind. These classes are for anyone who has the desire to learn yoga. The sequences make it easy for students to develop a personal practice and give a fundamental understanding that can be applied to all yoga. These classes are taught in a noncompetitive environment to students of all levels, ages and body types.

Morning Flow

In this Vinyasa Flow class you will welcome the day ahead by synchronizing breath with movement. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a mindful flow awakening their strength, energy, and flexibility in a fun atmosphere..

Vinyasa Flow

One hour and fifteen minutes where postures are linked together using breath. This is a perfect option for experienced beginners and seasoned practioners. These classes offer a faster, more challenging asana practice. Personal modifications and use of props should be understood and utilized.

Prenatal Pilates and Yoga:

Mamas playing in joy and empowerment! This holistic Akhanda and Pilates inspired class includes breathing exercises, light meditation and a gentle flow through prenatal variations of Pilates exercises and Yoga postures for strength, flexibility and relaxation. You will practice postures designed to keep you agile and healthy during pregnancy and learn techniques to prepare for labour. For Mamas to be from 12 weeks pregnant to due date.

Tensegrity, Restore and Renew*

Quietly settling the body into a gentle rhythm using the foundations of tensegrity (tension and integrity), relaxing and balancing muscles and fascia, inviting ease and grace into the body.
Soothing the nervous system further, we will move gently and consciously (remaining mostly on the ground) releasing deeply into surface and organ tension.  With restorative postures supported with blankets, blocks, bolsters and eye pillows we will satiate the parasympathetic nervous system…completely holding oneself in a ‘hammock’ of support and kindness.

*Please Pre-Register to secure your spot. Once we hit our minimums we will open the course to drop ins.

Gentle Yoga*

This class is for all levels seeking a slow-pace, long luxurious stretch of the whole body.  Some poses will be held in a YIN like manner and some poses will be restorative in nature.  A perfect fit for anyone new to yoga and who would like to explore the depths of all different shapes.  All levels welcome.

*Please Pre-Register to secure your spot. Once we hit our minimums we will open the course to drop ins.


Yin Yoga provides an opportunity to open the body and calm your mind in a slow paced environment. By holding postures for an extended amount of time (3-5 min) you will enjoy increased circulation and improved flexibility by lengthening both the connective and muscle tissues. Long, deep stretching will bring balance to an active lifestyle. All levels welcome.


Sunday Evening Meditation Classes

Sunday evening meditation classes at Kula are designed to demystify meditation and make meditation practices accessible to more people in our community. Classes build on the pillars of attention, mindful awareness and compassion while introducing a variety of techniques so that each person in the room can find his or her way into insight and greater well-being. Classes are offered by Susan Reifer, RYT-200, who has been studying and practicing meditation since 1987 and yoga since 1991.